Arne Jacobsen’s designs are more than fashion, they are pieces of art, with each item tying together to tell a story.  They reflect the artistic culture and tastes of the Modernist movement that was firmly established by Jacobsen, and which sought to challenge more traditional styles that were dominant at the time. Jacobsen’s contemporary designs were created with the intention to inspire, with detailed simplicity and practicality as the benchmark for his furniture designs. At the time Jacobsen pushed the boundaries with his concept of utilizing space with his furniture; however, the demands of a fast growing society in the 1950’s, saw a significant request for these practical designs. The allure of Jacobsen’s designs was that they were affordable and useful to everyone while proving that practicality without compromising style.

Jacobsen sought to integrate beauty with practicality and proportion, which is why his designs are still popular today. The best furniture creations of Arne Jacobsen are arguably, the now iconic ANT chair, where he managed to create a simple, practical but elegant piece of furniture, making a basic stackable dining chair a statement piece. Another of his greatest designs is the 3300 sofa, with its sharp lines and minimalist style, Jacobsen has proven that a piece of furniture can be contemporary yet timeless that would be an asset to any room, accommodating many different styles and tastes. Then the classic OXFORD chair, which is an excellent example of how Jacobsen’s style and design have successfully united modern simplicity with strict conformity, within a traditional, old-fashioned institution.

Nevertheless, Jacobsen took the philosophy of Modernism within his furniture designs a step further, because his designs are more than functional pieces of furniture to be admired, they are all individual pieces of art deliberately designed to inspire. The combination of architecture, design and fashion enabled Jacobsen to launch a style of furniture that efficiently accommodated a variety of spaces and styles, as well as different needs and expectations. Those three designs, the ANT, the 3300, and the OXFORD embody the artistic aspirations of Arne Jacobsen and show his devotion to detail, simplicity and practicality where furniture becomes fashion. Essential items yet iconic features, from the humble dining room to the grand hotel.


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