Exploring the replica industry: Poly & Bark Reviews

One of the most common questions that we get from our readers is where to buy Scandinavian mid-century designs at an affordable price. And it is not a bad question – the licence holders can afford to blow up their prices out of proportions and shipping costs can easily skyrocket, so it’s only to be expected that the market will try to find a more affordable solutions. Companies specialising in reproductions of these iconic designs have been subjects of many controversies, of praises and disappointments alike. All of these things point to one fact that seems rather obvious when you come to think about it – we need a place where people would exchange this information and learn about the best offer that is out there easily.

Without aiming to create a full-fledged forum, at least at this time, we will devote some time on our blog to write reviews of some of the companies which seem to be ever-present on the market, or those which aren’t present enough, but very well should be. We hope you will find this information useful and that it will help you obtain you Scandinavian designs without hassle and at affordable prices.

Company overview: Poly & Bark

Poly & Bark has been around for some time and it has achieved quite a success. With a plethora of mixed reviews out there and a huge conflict of disappointed and passionately dedicated customers, it seems like a perfect company for our Exploring the Replica Industry section of the blog. Specialising in mid-century furniture of various styles, Poly & Bark certainly left a mark on the market. But, are they doing a good job?

Poly & Bark pros:

Poly & Bark has quite a number of things going for it, including:

  • Affordable prices
  • Wide offer with many types of products
  • Designs in various styles
  • Website that is simple to use and navigate

Poly & Bark cons

However, there are some areas where Poly & Bark could improve:

  • Long delays with delivery
  • Slow responses or no response from customer service
  • Hidden return costs
  • Shipping details not available prior to making an order
  • Much vague information on important policies and a lack of details

What can you get at Poly & Bark?

As mentioned, Poly & Bark has a very versatile offer with numerous types of furniture, including desk, office, dining or lounge chairs, ottomans, barstools, counter stools, tables, beds, headrests, lighting solutions and even rugs. As such, it covers pretty much everything a modern home needs. This amazing diversity of Poly & Bark products is easily the greatest strength of the company as such.

What are the prices like?

Poly & Bark prices are highly competitive and easily among the lowest in the market. However, the hidden and underplayed costs can make your order rather pricey if you end up having to ask for a refund or replacement of a damaged order. Despite this, and some slightly inflated shipping costs, Poly & Bark is still more affordable than the majority of other business dealing with the same products.

Poly & Bark experiences

If you do some quick internet surfing on the topic, you can easily find how the experiences with Poly & Bark can be exceptionally varied. However, it does seem that a larger portion of their customers have experienced some issues, with very long delivery times, numerous delays and faulty goods of quality less than what is advertised being the most commonly reported issues. However, those rather positive reviews seem to indicate that Poly & Bark can easily provide high quality on time – well, at least sometimes. This lack of consistency, this unpredictability is probably the biggest flaw of this company. We are sincerely hoping Poly & Bark will take care of these issues in the future and translate its potential into happy customers.

How to create a perfect home office?

Home offices are what all the hype is currently about. After all, with an expansion of freelancing which lets you bring your work home, it comes as no surprise that many found the home office to be a true necessity. But, just because home office is something you need doesn’t mean that you have to settle for average, ok or just ‘it does the job’. Oh, no, you can turn your home office into an inspiring nook that will get you motivated. After all, if you won’t allow yourself such little pleasures such as these, then why bother with working from home at all?

Carefully choose the location of your home office

Some of the things you should definitely consider when choosing the exact location of your working corner are noise and traffic factors which might make you lose focus. At the same time, placing your home office too close to the kitchen or dining room may result in noise made by your family members being just too distracting. So, pay attention and make sure that you choose a place where you will get some peace and quiet to get your work done.

Play with a minimalist approach

We already said that just because your home office is a necessity, it shouldn’t lack in style. So, what better way to blend function and aesthetics than to go a bit down the minimalism road? Of course, contemporary minimalism is just one of the options. Mid-century modern or Scandinavian style are equally good at blending fusing style and pragmatism. On top of that, clearing the clutter will allow you to focus on the essentials and the tools of your trade, namely your laptop, printer and desk.

Never forget table management

Wireless electronics are getting more and more common today, but if you’re not one of those lucky persons who has a complete wireless set, you can still keep your cables out of view with a bit of smart cable management. There are various ways to go about this – from PVC piping to Velcro and zip ties, you can completely obscure the cables, mount them underneath your table or find some other creative way to keep them out of sight.

Avoid creating paper clutter

You can consider this one to be equal parts organisational and stylistic tip. Always try to keep your necessary papers tidy or better yet – digitalise them when possible. By doing so, you can almost completely eliminate every unnecessary paper while still keeping all the relevant information at your fingertips – quite literally! And we won’t even mention the ecological benefits of ditching paper completely.

Freshen up the room with a bit of greenery

For many of us who are working from home, making this choice means that we get to spend time in a much more relaxing and friendly environment. However, no matter how friendly it is, it is still an enclosed space. So, in order to bring a little bit of life into the room, you can go for some houseplants. If you don’t really like paying attention to watering them, then cacti and succulents might be just the thing to you. These resistant plants will be perfectly happy if you water them as rarely as once per month in the summer months and during the winter, whenever you remember. On top of that, plants are becoming an increasingly popular as wall accents which create a lovely natural contrast to the artificial glare of our computer and phone screens.

Don’t forget the natural light!

Even hard science has shown that people working while exposed to natural light are more productive, and even healthier. On top of that, natural light is sure to improve your mood and brighten you up when you’re feeling a bit dull with all the work. So, having proper exposure to natural light might be just what your home office has lacked all this time, but you haven’t known it until now. So get those curtains away from the windows, and let the sunshine in!

Don’t make your office stand out too much

If your home office is not completely enclosed in a separate room, you should pay attention to how it will blend with the adjacent areas. So, think of style and colours which should remain complementary to the remainder of your home, not clashing with it. But, if you can close the door of the office and forget about the rest of your home, this consideration will be of less importance.

Add some personal details

Many of us can get buried in work and forget about the home part of home office. So, never hesitate to make your home office be personal. Add some nice details which will give the space character and ‘soul’, but which can also provide inspiration and help you make the most out of your work. So, for example, if travels are what keep you motivated, why not keep your souvenirs close at hand? Or, if you are an artist, what about some pieces hinting at artists that you are looking up to? The possibilities are endless as long as you make it about you.

Finishing remarks

Home office has become a true necessity in most modern homes, but at the same time, it is an opportunity to create a personally stylised space that will communicate your personality and provide you with motivation and inspiration. With the requirements which are functional as much as aesthetical, you can find valuable information and some nice idea in design styles and movements which were based around the idea of building a bridge between these two extremes. Finally, never forget that your home office should be about you and that it should provide you with all the difference as compared to working in a sterile and anonymous cubicle somewhere.

Scandinavian design company in the spotlight: ByBespoek Reviews

One of the most common questions that we get from our readers is where to buy Scandinavian mid-century designs at an affordable price. And it is not a bad question – the licence holders can afford to blow up their prices out of proportions and shipping costs can easily skyrocket, so it’s only to be expected that the market will try to find a more affordable solutions. Companies specialising in reproductions of these iconic designs have been subjects of many controversies, of praises and disappointments alike. All of these things point to one fact that seems rather obvious when you come to think about it – we need a place where people would exchange this information and learn about the best offer that is out there easily.

Without aiming to create a full-fledged forum, at least at this time, we will devote some time on our blog to write reviews of some of the companies which seem to be ever-present on the market, or those which aren’t present enough, but very well should be. We hope you will find this information useful and that it will help you obtain you Scandinavian designs without hassle and at affordable prices.

Company in the spotlight: ByBespoek

ByBespoek is a company specialising in Scandinavian mid-century furniture, although their offer includes some of the period classics designed by Italian, French, German and American designers. As an European company by its origins, ByBespoek only recently entered into the US market, so it can be considered a fairly young company despite the experience gained in Europe. The main selling points seem to include premium quality and highly competitive and affordable prices.

Online shopping Yes
Showroom No (opening announced)
Guarantee 10 years
Return/refund period 30 days
Payment options PayPal, all major credit cards, payment after delivery
Customer service Phone, email, live chat app on website

ByBespoek pros

ByBespoek has many things going for it, including:

  • Affordable prices
  • Amazing quality
  • Very friendly and forthcoming customer service
  • Offer including some of the best-known mid-century designs
  • Many sales, actions and discounts
  • Shipping through reliable courier (FedEx)
  • Simple and affordable track my order service
  • Simple to use website
  • Transparency, no hidden costs

ByBespoek cons

And there are some things that ByBespoek can improve:

  • Varying delivery times
  • Customer covers the shipping cost in case of a return
  • Lack of generic non-designer furniture
  • Main focus on just two types of furniture (chairs and lamps)

What can you get at ByBespoek?

ByBespoek has close to a hundred of designs in their offer, counting the material and colour variations. The company puts a special emphasis on lamps and chairs and these two categories are very well covered. Almost all designs sold at ByBespoek are true classics of mid-century designs, so it is a perfect option if you are looking for these. However, finding generic non-designer furniture can be challenging with this company.

What are the prices like?

ByBespoek has exceptionally affordable prices which are among the lowest in the industry. And with pretty much constant sales, actions and discounts, just a little bit of waiting or even contacting the customer service and asking for planned discounts, you can secure an amazing deal.

ByBespoek experiences

As mentioned, ByBespoek is a relatively new company on the American market, so the reviews are rather scarce, but promising. So far, ByBespoek seems to easily deliver when it comes to quality of their designs and no complaints can be found in that regard. The delivery times are usually couple of days longer than what they seem to initially promise, but it is nothing too bad that would make it a deal break. With sensible refund policies, outstanding product quality and very affordable prices, ByBespoek looks like it has a bright future for itself.

Checkout the reviews of ByBespoek on Trustpilot.

Style your home with the iconic Wishbone chair by Hans Wagner

Most of you probably have some experience with working with accent pieces, or are at least familiar with the term and some of the most general guidelines when it comes to accent pieces. However, this term is still somewhat misunderstood, with many people assuming that a statement or accent piece serves a purely aesthetical purpose, without being too functional. In reality however, these pieces can be very functional. Scandinavian mid-century design perfected this idea, offering truly sculptural designs that are at the same time exceptionally comfortable and undoubtedly functional.
Wishbone chair designed by world-famous Danish designer Hans J. Wegner is arguably the most recognisable designer chair made in this style. This iconic dining room doesn’t need much introduction. It is instantly recognisable and you must have seen it countless of time, if not in a stylish dining room or restaurant near you, then on the cover of your favourite interior design magazine.
Highly versatile, this timeless classic can be used in countless contemporary interior styles and with just a little bit of attention, it can play a fundamental role in shaping your personal aesthetical expression and your individual style.
But how exactly can you achieve that? Since the versatility of Wishbone chair can’t be covered in one article of a short scope, we will simply describe some of the more common uses and ideas and hopefully you can take it over from there and expand upon our ideas in order to create you individual style. So, let’s get into it.

Scandinavian elegance meets East Coast Prep

Even though it is one of the icons of mid-century design, Wishbone chair can easily be fitted into other interior design styles, and why not the traditional East Coast prep? Just add some soft pastel cushions in colder colours and checkered details and before you know it, your Wishbone chair will become a perfect addition to your home in East Coast style.

Mid-century appeal in contemporary style

Contemporary style can benefit extremely from some wooden details, and Wishbone chairs might be exactly that little thing that your home was missing all this time. Best used around a modern and stylish dining table, Wishbone chairs in lighter types of wood can add a new layer of complexity, interest and warmth to your apartment in contemporary style.

Glamorous nature

A little bit odd, but still beautifully stylish combination – organic elements can really be brought to the forefront when they are contrasted with some nice Wishbone chairs in darker shades. Combining organic and glam elements in one room can often contribute to the unique appeal that makes the whole room feel fresh and vibrant. And Wishbone chairs might be just the right element for that.

Combining modern and traditional

Another stylistic choice that relies on contrast for its unique effect, the combination of modern and traditional is just the right place for a couple of nice and stylish Wishbone chairs. They can be a perfect solution if you are looking for elements that can smoothen out the transition between modern and traditional elements, as it perfectly embodies the qualities of both.

Pop art and Scandi classic

If you are a big fan of interior design that strongly hints to the golden era of pop art, you can still combine your personal preferences with simple, yet stylish Wishbone chairs which can be an edgy, yet much needed addition to your home.

How to get that Scandinavian vibe?

Scandinavian style first started taking shape during the mid-century era, in the 1950s and 1960s and has remained exceptionally popular ever since. The timeless appeal stemming from the simple elegance and a perfect blend of functionality and sophisticated style continues to captivate the hearts of millions and inspire the imagination of countless interior designers and décor experts throughout the world. With its ever-increasing popularity, Scandinavian style found its way in homes and commercial spaces alike, becoming one of the most dominant and influential décor styles in the recent years.

The secret of this amazing popularity lies with what Scandi style tells about how we live in our homes and how we view them. The simplicity, functionality and accessibility paired with organic curves and natural materials tell the story about what is important in life – the warmth of the home, and the people with whom we share it. Because of this, Scandinavian style has all going for it, with a promise that its appeal will truly remain timeless.

You probably already heard a lot about Scandinavian style, and you probably also saw it in action, maybe in your friend’s home or in a stylish restaurant nearby. Or, maybe you are just now getting curious. Whatever the exact answer, if you are interested in getting this unique vibe for your own home, read on and explore with us the key features that make Scandi style what it is.


Democratic revolution in ordinary home

Scandinavian style entered into its golden years in the post war years of the 1950s. Scarred by war and occupation, the Scandinavian people were rushing into the peaceful future with optimism and unwavering love for life. The rebuilding process created the demand for simple, yet stylish furniture that can be easily mass-produced and which can be accessible for all and not just the privileged few. With democratisation of the market, the progressive ideas of simplicity and functionality created a stark contrast to ‘bigger is better’ attitude of the previous eras. Instead of dark, massive and heavily ornamented furniture inspired by baroque, Scandinavian designers offered a new vision rooted in simple elegance, accessibility and functionality. And in the years when democracy was on the rise worldwide, these ideas easily found their way into other parts of the world, offering perfect solutions for the demands of a modern 20th century home.

Scandinavian style in interior design

Harsh Scandinavian winters with very limited daylight contributed to the pursuit of interior design style that would make a home look cosy and inviting, yet bright and open. Uncovered windows are probably the most iconic manifestation of this pursuit of warm and welcoming atmosphere cantered around natural light. In order to maximise the lightness, people of Scandinavia often opted to paint the walls clear white and keep the wooden floors free of heavy carpeting. Minimalist approach to design reigns supreme here.

But, don’t let this fool you – Scandinavian homes might be minimalist in nature and marked by the unquestioned dominance of pale whites, greys and browns, but still, they are never stark. Cosiness is an important imperative of Scandi décor and it is masterfully achieved with a combination of calming hues and the heavy use of wool, sheepskins, cotton or mohair. The accent textiles do wonders when it comes to reproducing the feelings of intimacy and closeness, while at the same time providing a completely new layer of visual interest to the room. And let’s not forget that they can be more than practical once when cold Scandinavian winters plunge the temperatures way below zero.


Form follows function

In a typical mid-century modern manner, Scandinavian décor starts with the premise that form always follows function – both when it comes to furniture and décor elements. With open-plan living as a value kept in high regard, Scandinavian homes are usually centred around the dining area as the focal point of a home. However, the coldness of minimalism is beautifully broken by natural elements which rely equally on materials and textures as well as craftsmanship. The neutral colour palette can be perfectly complemented by natural wooden appear and fluid, organic shapes that seem to dominate this style.

Details and finishing touches

The apparent neutrality of the Scandi décor is a perfect backdrop for some lively details such as fresh flowers, cushions in more vivid colours and soft ambient lighting. You can’t go wrong with these and those small details will easily transform your home from a bit sterile modern minimalist space to a true Scandinavian gem!

Retro décor elements making a big comeback in 2019

Those of you who might be following the interior design trends for some time must have notice that things that were big once usually tend to return in new glow years later. And there is something special about swiping the dust off your old statement pieces knowing that they are hip and stylish yet again. For all of us who are fans of retro and vintage look, these dynamics prove an opportunity to bring to the forefront some awesome elements that have never quite left our hearts, but which are now what everybody is trying to get.

So far, 2019 seems to be a rather interesting year when it comes to interior design and it seems that it will bring a special something for all the lovers of classy old and elegantly worn-out.

In this article, I will take a quick look at some retro décor elements that seem to be making a huge comeback this season.

Wicker furniture

To start with my personal favorite example of old-school Euro-style elegance, wicker furniture seems to already catch some attention. While the golden days of wicker ended somewhere in the 1930s, it already had some revival in the eclectic 60s and 70s. Now, it’s time for yet another comeback in style! However, while in the previous eras wicker furniture was a kind of a dominant motif, today it seems to be used mostly sparingly and with great care for balance. So, I’m not talking about the out-dated look with wicker everywhere, but just about some statement pieces which will bring a dash of retro to your contemporary apartment. I already got my wicker coffee table back to the living room! If you don’t have some old gems at hand, I guess it’s time for you to hit the antique furniture stores.



Now this one is a bit problematic. Most people either love or hate wallpaper, and it’s not that surprising. While this décor element can be rather classy when done right, we’ve all seen those horribly over the top eye-hurting patterns which frankly don’t seem like they would look good in any situation. However, the 70s style floral patterns reminiscent of the warmth of grandma’s home testify about a different, much more positive side of wallpaper prints. And, there is of course the modern twist on this element, with geometric patterns and metallic shades which are a perfect option for a truly modern home.

Gold details

Shiny brass already had its days of glory somewhere around 1995, but it is back today in a more elegant form, with blurred, matt elegance and bronze champagne shades. Faucets, frames and light fixtures are all perfect opportunities to add a bit of golden sophistication from your home and get a break from sometimes all to sterile polished chrome which is dominating modern interior design a bit too long for my taste.


Blue and white

To be completely honest, I am always a bit sceptical about this combo. Blue and white combination was a big thing in the first half of the 1990s, but in my mind, it is something more related to the old-school European homes from the 19th century, especially with a touch of stylish ceramics. And, this is exactly the style that seems to be making a comeback, so we are not talking about the Greece-inspired navy theme, but more about patterns fitting in in a larger eclectic décor style where they will not create too much of a vintage look, but just add an old-school vibe to a modern apartment.

Pastel colors

This 1980s trend in the aesthetic of Miami Vice has never been my favorite, but I have to admit that it can be a rather nice addition to the modern home. As long as your pastels aren’t too overwhelming, they can work wonders when combined with a bold accent color for a chromatic contrast. As the year has just begun, we will have to wait a bit and see how this trend will further develop, but so far it seems that is most commonly present in furniture, especially wooden dining chairs, and accent walls.

Wood panels

Ok, now we’re talking about something I absolutely love! To be honest, I don’t know why wood panels ever go out of style – they are so versatile and can be used in pretty much every interior design style that you can encounter today, from traditional to minimalist, from bohemian to Scandinavian. So, much to my delight, shiplap seems to be absolutely everywhere in 2019 and I am sure to make the most out of this comeback.



Now this is an obscure one! Macrame was the bread and butter of the kitschy 1970s look, but it quickly fell into oblivion in the decades that followed, with the notable exception being boho chic homes – and those who haven’t noticed that the flower power era was over. These handmade textiles with big prominent knots can be used as wall decorations, but are also present as, for example, plant holders. Macrame used in 2019 is much more minimalist looking, much more precise than the groovy designs of the 1970s, but it still adds that boho chic vibe perfectly.