Scandinavian design company in the spotlight: ByBespoek Reviews

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Scandinavian design company in the spotlight: ByBespoek Reviews

One of the most common questions that we get from our readers is where to buy Scandinavian mid-century designs at an affordable price. And it is not a bad question – the licence holders can afford to blow up their prices out of proportions and shipping costs can easily skyrocket, so it’s only to be expected that the market will try to find a more affordable solutions. Companies specialising in reproductions of these iconic designs have been subjects of many controversies, of praises and disappointments alike. All of these things point to one fact that seems rather obvious when you come to think about it – we need a place where people would exchange this information and learn about the best offer that is out there easily.

Without aiming to create a full-fledged forum, at least at this time, we will devote some time on our blog to write reviews of some of the companies which seem to be ever-present on the market, or those which aren’t present enough, but very well should be. We hope you will find this information useful and that it will help you obtain you Scandinavian designs without hassle and at affordable prices.

Company in the spotlight: ByBespoek

ByBespoek is a company specialising in Scandinavian mid-century furniture, although their offer includes some of the period classics designed by Italian, French, German and American designers. As an European company by its origins, ByBespoek only recently entered into the US market, so it can be considered a fairly young company despite the experience gained in Europe. The main selling points seem to include premium quality and highly competitive and affordable prices.

  • Online shopping Yes
  • Showroom No (opening announced)
  • Guarantee 10 years
  • Return/refund period 30 days
  • Payment options PayPal, all major credit cards, payment after delivery
  • Customer service Phone, email, live chat app on website

ByBespoek pros

ByBespoek has many things going for it, including:

  • Affordable prices
  • Amazing quality
  • Very friendly and forthcoming customer service
  • Offer including some of the best-known mid-century designs
  • Many sales, actions and discounts
  • Shipping through reliable courier (FedEx)
  • Simple and affordable track my order service
  • Simple to use website
  • Transparency, no hidden costs

ByBespoek cons
And there are some things that ByBespoek can improve:

  • Varying delivery times
  • Customer covers the shipping cost in case of a return
  • Lack of generic non-designer furniture
  • Main focus on just two types of furniture (chairs and lamps)

What can you get at ByBespoek?

ByBespoek has close to a hundred of designs in their offer, counting the material and colour variations. The company puts a special emphasis on lamps and chairs and these two categories are very well covered. Almost all designs sold at ByBespoek are true classics of mid-century designs, so it is a perfect option if you are looking for these. However, finding generic non-designer furniture can be challenging with this company.

What are the prices like?

ByBespoek has exceptionally affordable prices which are among the lowest in the industry. And with pretty much constant sales, actions and discounts, just a little bit of waiting or even contacting the customer service and asking for planned discounts, you can secure an amazing deal.

ByBespoek experiences

As mentioned, ByBespoek is a relatively new company on the American market, so the reviews are rather scarce, but promising. So far, ByBespoek seems to easily deliver when it comes to quality of their designs and no complaints can be found in that regard. The delivery times are usually couple of days longer than what they seem to initially promise, but it is nothing too bad that would make it a deal break. With sensible refund policies, outstanding product quality and very affordable prices, ByBespoek looks like it has a bright future for itself.

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