How to create a perfect home office?

April 6, 2019 0 Comment

Home offices are what all the hype is currently about. After all, with an expansion of freelancing which lets you bring your work home, it comes as no surprise that many found the home office to be a true necessity. But, just because home office is something you need doesn’t mean that you have to settle for average, ok or just ‘it does the job’. Oh, no, you can turn your home office into an inspiring nook that will get you motivated. After all, if you won’t allow yourself such little pleasures such as these, then why bother with working from home at all?

Carefully choose the location of your home office

Some of the things you should definitely consider when choosing the exact location of your working corner are noise and traffic factors which might make you lose focus. At the same time, placing your home office too close to the kitchen or dining room may result in noise made by your family members being just too distracting. So, pay attention and make sure that you choose a place where you will get some peace and quiet to get your work done.

Play with a minimalist approach

We already said that just because your home office is a necessity, it shouldn’t lack in style. So, what better way to blend function and aesthetics than to go a bit down the minimalism road? Of course, contemporary minimalism is just one of the options. Mid-century modern or Scandinavian style are equally good at blending fusing style and pragmatism. On top of that, clearing the clutter will allow you to focus on the essentials and the tools of your trade, namely your laptop, printer and desk.

Never forget table management

Wireless electronics are getting more and more common today, but if you’re not one of those lucky persons who has a complete wireless set, you can still keep your cables out of view with a bit of smart cable management. There are various ways to go about this – from PVC piping to Velcro and zip ties, you can completely obscure the cables, mount them underneath your table or find some other creative way to keep them out of sight.

Avoid creating paper clutter

You can consider this one to be equal parts organisational and stylistic tip. Always try to keep your necessary papers tidy or better yet – digitalise them when possible. By doing so, you can almost completely eliminate every unnecessary paper while still keeping all the relevant information at your fingertips – quite literally! And we won’t even mention the ecological benefits of ditching paper completely.

Freshen up the room with a bit of greenery

For many of us who are working from home, making this choice means that we get to spend time in a much more relaxing and friendly environment. However, no matter how friendly it is, it is still an enclosed space. So, in order to bring a little bit of life into the room, you can go for some houseplants. If you don’t really like paying attention to watering them, then cacti and succulents might be just the thing to you. These resistant plants will be perfectly happy if you water them as rarely as once per month in the summer months and during the winter, whenever you remember. On top of that, plants are becoming an increasingly popular as wall accents which create a lovely natural contrast to the artificial glare of our computer and phone screens.

Don’t forget the natural light!

Even hard science has shown that people working while exposed to natural light are more productive, and even healthier. On top of that, natural light is sure to improve your mood and brighten you up when you’re feeling a bit dull with all the work. So, having proper exposure to natural light might be just what your home office has lacked all this time, but you haven’t known it until now. So get those curtains away from the windows, and let the sunshine in!

Don’t make your office stand out too much

If your home office is not completely enclosed in a separate room, you should pay attention to how it will blend with the adjacent areas. So, think of style and colours which should remain complementary to the remainder of your home, not clashing with it. But, if you can close the door of the office and forget about the rest of your home, this consideration will be of less importance.

Add some personal details

Many of us can get buried in work and forget about the home part of home office. So, never hesitate to make your home office be personal. Add some nice details which will give the space character and ‘soul’, but which can also provide inspiration and help you make the most out of your work. So, for example, if travels are what keep you motivated, why not keep your souvenirs close at hand? Or, if you are an artist, what about some pieces hinting at artists that you are looking up to? The possibilities are endless as long as you make it about you.

Finishing remarks

Home office has become a true necessity in most modern homes, but at the same time, it is an opportunity to create a personally stylised space that will communicate your personality and provide you with motivation and inspiration. With the requirements which are functional as much as aesthetical, you can find valuable information and some nice idea in design styles and movements which were based around the idea of building a bridge between these two extremes. Finally, never forget that your home office should be about you and that it should provide you with all the difference as compared to working in a sterile and anonymous cubicle somewhere.