Style your home with the iconic Wishbone chair by Hans Wagner

November 6, 2019 0 Comment

Most of you probably have some experience with working with accent pieces, or are at least familiar with the term and some of the most general guidelines when it comes to accent pieces. However, this term is still somewhat misunderstood, with many people assuming that a statement or accent piece serves a purely aesthetical purpose, without being too functional. In reality however, these pieces can be very functional. Scandinavian mid-century design perfected this idea, offering truly sculptural designs that are at the same time exceptionally comfortable and undoubtedly functional.

Wishbone chair designed by world-famous Danish designer Hans J. Wegner is arguably the most recognisable designer chair made in this style. This iconic dining room doesn’t need much introduction. It is instantly recognisable and you must have seen it countless of time, if not in a stylish dining room or restaurant near you, then on the cover of your favourite interior design magazine.

Highly versatile, this timeless classic can be used in countless contemporary interior styles and with just a little bit of attention, it can play a fundamental role in shaping your personal aesthetical expression and your individual style.

But how exactly can you achieve that? Since the versatility of Wishbone chair can’t be covered in one article of a short scope, we will simply describe some of the more common uses and ideas and hopefully you can take it over from there and expand upon our ideas in order to create you individual style. So, let’s get into it.

Scandinavian elegance meets East Coast Prep

Even though it is one of the icons of mid-century design, Wishbone chair can easily be fitted into other interior design styles, and why not the traditional East Coast prep? Just add some soft pastel cushions in colder colours and checkered details and before you know it, your Wishbone chair will become a perfect addition to your home in East Coast style.

Mid-century appeal in contemporary style

Contemporary style can benefit extremely from some wooden details, and Wishbone chairs might be exactly that little thing that your home was missing all this time. Best used around a modern and stylish dining table, Wishbone chairs in lighter types of wood can add a new layer of complexity, interest and warmth to your apartment in contemporary style.

Glamorous nature

A little bit odd, but still beautifully stylish combination – organic elements can really be brought to the forefront when they are contrasted with some nice Wishbone chairs in darker shades. Combining organic and glam elements in one room can often contribute to the unique appeal that makes the whole room feel fresh and vibrant. And Wishbone chairs might be just the right element for that.

Combining modern and traditional

Another stylistic choice that relies on contrast for its unique effect, the combination of modern and traditional is just the right place for a couple of nice and stylish Wishbone chairs. They can be a perfect solution if you are looking for elements that can smoothen out the transition between modern and traditional elements, as it perfectly embodies the qualities of both.

Pop art and Scandi classic

If you are a big fan of interior design that strongly hints to the golden era of pop art, you can still combine your personal preferences with simple, yet stylish Wishbone chairs which can be an edgy, yet much needed addition to your home.