Exploring Scandinavian design: ICONS22 Review

March 10, 2020 0 Comment

Finding Scandinavian mid-century designs online, expecting premium quality and affordability is hard. Most online stores are offering poor quality replicas. On the other hand, big brands are overpricing their furniture. Therefore, there is a lot of confusion on the market and it’s not easy to find iconic designer pieces of premium. Especially an online store that you can trust. Shipping costs can be high, if you are not happy with your furniture or if you need them to replace a damaged piece.

We are still toying with the idea of creating a forum where people can discuss their favorite designs but also review furniture stores. Our hope is to make a place where people who enjoy Nordic mid-century design can hang out. Still, until this idea gets to its realization, lest us check another online Scandinavian furniture store.

Company overview: ICONS22

ICONS22 is a relatively new company, specialized in selling premium Scandinavian designer pieces. What is awesome is that, for a change, they are present in the US market. Obviously, they don’t have that many reviews yet. So, it’s a perfect opportunity for us to give you much-needed information and quality assessment.

ICONS22 pros:

Affordable prices
Designs in various styles, from classics to modern iconic pieces
Their website is very simple to use and navigate
Customer support was great for us
No hidden costs or fees
Shipping times are pretty reasonable
A lot of detailed information about products and company policies

However, there are some areas where ICONS22 could improve:

A customer has to covers the shipping cost in case of a return
Not all shipping details will come in one email
Not a big selection of items
All of their furniture pieces are premium designs, you can’t find something modern or generic.

What can you get at ICONS22?

ICONS22 emphasis on iconic Scandinavian chairs and lamps of premium quality with many color and material variations. At least, that is the current situation. As we already mentioned, all the pieces that you can find are designed by famous Scandinavian designers, usually from mid-century. So, they are covering a particular niche that should delight enthusiasts like us.

What are the prices like?

ICONS22 has incredibly affordable prices, considering the quality that they are offering. Obviously, with a premium brand, you can’t expect to get some further discounts. Also, shipping fees are transparent and not so high.

ICONS22 experience

Being a new company, you will have to trust us and some small number of expert reviews for now. We ordered three pieces from them so far. We tried the most popular Wishbone chair, modern Office chair, and Sol lamp. All of them are really well made and we can’t complain about anything in that regard. Which is incredibly important, to know that they are delivering what they promised. The delivery times are usually a couple of days longer than what they seem to initially promise, but it is nothing too bad that would make it a deal-breaker. With sensible refund policies, outstanding product quality, and very affordable prices, ICONS22 looks like it has a bright future.