I Just Fell in Love With Icons22’s Eames Lounge

March 2, 2020 0 Comment

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman are icons of modern design and it’s hard to find an American home that doesn’t have one. The idea behind the design is that the chair resembles a used baseball glove. Lounge Chair and Ottoman are timeless classics introduced to the world in 1956 by American designers Charles and Ray Eames.

American Icon

The original design concept is a desire to give a modern take on a traditional English club chair. Like every great piece of art, The Eames Lounge Chair had a long and fascinating history, with many changes to the original design. Still, that original concept and its functionality, durability, and comfort stood the test of time.

I always wanted to have my piece of the American dream. I know about it for a long time, I watch it on many TV shows and read in magazines. Finally, discovering the ICONS22 premium furniture design brand made my dream come true. I got my Lounge Chair in perfect condition a week after ordering. It’s warm, comfortable and, above all, welcome to sit in and relax.

As comfortable and fitting as a baseball glove!

Eames The Lounge Chair consists of flexibly connected three laminated wooden shells. They are attached to an aluminum alloy frame on shock mounts. This creates great comfort and it’s incredibly easy to move and fit the chair in any living area. Leather quality is superb. I picked a dark texture-rich American Palisander, that fits so well in the whole American theme. You can lose yourself in comfortable fillings inside the pads. I love how it has large buttons that are keeping cushions fixed and strong. Also, the chair is very symmetrical, the seat and ottoman are of identical proportions as well as headrest and backrest.

The Lounge Chair has incredible flexibility to fit in any living area. I will actually use it in my room as a gaming and office chair.

Why ICONS22?

ICONS22 is assuring us that every part is handmade and carefully assembled together by their skillful craftsman. This is exactly the reason why I bought it from them. You need to be careful because there are many copies of this chair. There are those that have similar designs but inferior quality and those that are labeled as ”Eames Inspired”. Those inspired ones have the same design but the quality of leather and some of the aluminum alloy frame is not nearly as good. Original is made from stainless steel and an adjustable swivel mechanism works perfectly. Also, some copies even produce an annoying squeak leather sound.

The Eames Lounge Chair is pretty expensive if you are buying directly from Eames. A great way to bypass this is to buy one from a company like ICONS22. They are not paying anything to the Eames Foundation. Instead, they are crafting this chair by respecting the quality and specifications of the original design. So, you are getting a premium chair at a fraction of the cost. You can say that they are preserving the Lounge chairs legacy and making it accessible to the masses. Which is exactly what Charles and Ray wanted when they were creating it.