Scandinavian design company in the spotlight: byKALLEVIG reviews

March 7, 2019 0 Comment

Scandinavian design company in the spotlight: byKALLEVIG reviews

This week’s furniture company in our spotlight is byKALLEVIG, an amazingly affordable source of high-quality mid century modern designs.

One of the most common questions that we get from our readers is where to buy Scandinavian mid-century designs at an affordable price. And it is not a bad question – the licence holders can afford to blow up their prices out of proportions and shipping costs can easily skyrocket, so it’s only to be expected that the market will try to find a more affordable solutions. Companies specialising in reproductions of these iconic designs have been subjects of many controversies, of praises and disappointments alike. All of these things point to one fact that seems rather obvious when you come to think about it – we need a place where people would exchange this information and learn about the best offer that is out there easily.

Without aiming to create a full-fledged forum, at least at this time, we will devote some time on our blog to write reviews of some of the companies which seem to be ever-present on the market, or those which aren’t present enough, but very well should be. We hope you will find this information useful and that it will help you obtain you Scandinavian designs without hassle and at affordable prices.

Company in the spotlight: byKALLEVIG

When we first started researching byKALLEVIG, we quickly found out that they seem to be relatively young company – or at least relatively young in the world on digital markets, judging by the relatively low number of customer reviews, which are still very positive. Mid century modern design seems to be in the focus of byKALLEVIG, so here you can easily find not only works by the biggest names of Scandinavian furniture, design, but also some French, Italian, German and American classics that have stood the test of time and are synonymous with stylish furniture to this day.

Online shopping Yes

Showroom No

Guarantee 10 years

Return/refund period 30 days

Payment options PayPal, all major credit cards, payment after delivery

Customer service Phone, email, live chat app on website

byKALLEVIG pros:

  • We have many positive things to mention regarding byKALLEVIG, including:
  • Very affordable prices
  • A diverse offer
  • Amazing quality of all products
  • Traditionally handcrafted wooden designs
  • Sales, coupons, discounts and actions
  • Classics of Scandinavian design in offer
  • Shipping through reliable courier services
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Real-time updates on the status of your order
  • Easy to use website
  • Transparency with no hidden costs or fine print

byKALLEVIG cons:

  • At the same time, there are some areas where byKALLEVIG might improve in the future, including:
  • Not always exact estimated delivery times
  • Return fees
  • Lack of furniture larger than lounge chairs
  • Less than perfect localisation of language-versions of the website
  • No showroom

What can you get at byKALLEVIG

This company specialises in various mid century modern designs, so if this is your thing, you will certainly be glad with their offer. However, similarly to many other companies in the industry, byKALLEVIG primarily focuses on the most sought-after types of furniture – chairs, lamps and small décor accessories. This means that beds, TV stands and similar products are not available as of the time of writing this review. A vast majority of the designs are true classics of their time, with a hefty number of those lesser known designs that might catch your attention and combine style with individuality and originality.

What are the prices like?

Exceptional affordability is an important selling point for byKALLEVIG and although this is not as explicitly stated on their website, it is obvious from the moment you open up the front page. As such, it is an ideal shopping place for all those looking to get some classic vintage designs without cashing up a huge amount of money.

byKALLEVIG experiences

As mentioned, byKALLEVIG has only a few, but very positive reviews online, so they still have a long road ahead of them when it comes to establishing a brand, but they are certainly on the right track. We tested the company ourselves and pretty much confirmed the overall positive experience of other customers – byKALLEVIG truly delivers designs of outstanding quality at an exceptionally affordable price and it achieves all the very affordably and reliably. While estimated delivery times don’t always correspond to the real deliver date, the delays are usually minor and the forthcoming customer service will always be glad to provide you real-time updates on the status of your order which does wonders in making the shopping experience smooth and stress-free.