Scandinavian Freshmen On the American Market: My take on Icons of Manhattan

An Undiscovered Goldmine

Hey guys, hope you’re feeling amazing as always. To be honest, lately, I was really searching through the internet to find a new brand of Scandinavian design. If you wonder why it is mainly because I am curious, but also because there are so many furniture design companies that are not mainstream yet but will offer you very decent prices combined with an incredible design. Most of the more popular furniture companies have already established prices that are too high and because of the time that they have spent on the market, they do not want to compromise on the price. I never wanted to spend enormous amounts of money on some piece of furniture that I can maybe find somewhere else for a better price and very much satisfying quality. In searching for some different alternative I have found some new brands emerging that are just waiting to be discovered, I call them Undiscovered Goldmines, due to their potential and the fact that when you find such a brand you feel like you’ve found something that no one else knows about. So today I will give my honest opinion about the experience that I had with the company called  Icons of Manhattan that is relatively new on the US market. Should you try them out? Let’s find out!

First Impressions

So as soon as I came across this brand I must say that the name was pretty interesting. I know that it doesn’t have anything to do with the actual quality of the products or service but for me, more time than less a creative name for the brand hinted at something good. I must say that the website itself looked really nice. They had that modern and simplistic aesthetic which always represented the Scandinavian furniture in general. All of that was mixed with a slightly modern touch that resembles something completely urban. The second I entered the website I noticed that they actually do not have so much of a variable choice when it comes to furniture which can be a bit unfortunate, but, nevertheless a couple of core products that they sell looked very affordable and nice on the website. The encouraging thing was definitely the fact that I was able to read through the descriptions of the colors, materials, and the furniture itself which helped me to make a choice for my first purchase. Also, the website was very easy for me to use and I think that was surely a big plus. I must say that the fact they are totally transparent and have all the policies listen on their website makes things much much easier.

What Can You Get From Icons Of Manhattan

Considering the fact that Icons of Manhattan is rather new on the market, their offer is much more limited than some of the main competitors in the US. It would be really good if they could work on expanding their range of products so we can say that is something they can definitely improve. Nevertheless one of the great things is definitely the fact that all of their products are pretty much timeless classics. I must say that I was very positively surprised when I saw that on their website you can find just those iconic mid century designs that have left the mark already. As it matters to the quality of the products I want to give you the opinion that is based on my personal experience with their company. I wanted to try ordering their core products so I ordered 3 wishbone chairs for starters just to see what the fuss is all about and from their website I kinda figured that must be their core product. Once they arrived at my address the first thing that caught my attention was how couriers were respecting all the measures regarding the COVID 19 pandemic. I also need to say that the quality of the chairs was pretty amazing. You could see that their craftsmen did a very dedicated job by the way how the seat was woven. Also, the wood was very smooth yet firm and stable.
My honest opinion after the whole purchase is that if you are searching for a product that has the quality and the reasonable price this brand can be exactly that undiscovered goldmine as I will surely order from them again.

What about the whole shopping experience?

For me personally, the shopping experience includes how good the customer service of the company is and to be honest I wasn’t too satisfied with the customer service of many brands from which I bought furniture and cosmetic products before. So I think then, that is another plus I will have to give to Icons of Manhattan. Their amazing customer service. It is a very good thing that I got all of my questions answered but more than that the politeness and genuine care of their personnel are on a whole new level. It is always good to have your problems solved but when you see that someone actually has empathy for the whole situation it definitely makes a whole experience better.
One another thing I must mention is that you get a final shipping price at the checkout page which means that you actually pay what you see with no hidden cost. Whenever I see something like that in any company it certainly gives me a sense of trust.

Does the price match the quality?

Without a doubt, the most interesting thing that I saw when I visited  Icons of Manhattan website was their prices. And to be honest, it was a bit strange, their wishbone chair had a discount and was around 159 dollars. If I haven’t bought wishbone chairs that have such a low price earlier I would definitely be much more skeptical of the actual quality. But as I said in my previous blogs it seems that this type of business in general somehow succeeds to retain such an affordable price combined with outstanding quality which is very rare to find. To be sure I also read a lot of reviews where the customer actually confirmed it. That definitely shows this company is an undiscovered goldmine.

Summing it all up

At the end of my journey with Icons of Manhattan, I can definitely say that I would recommend the brand to anyone who wants a good quality Scandinavian furniture at an affordable price. I am really in love with the chairs that I have received so far as their aesthetics perfectly match almost any room in my home. One small thing that I can say wasn’t so good was the lead times that were slightly longer than expected due to COVID 19 pandemic, however nothing major to worry about since I was constantly in touch with the customer service who gave me all the information that I needed to know together with the tracking details that were sent to me as soon as my order was dispatched. Since they are a brand new company in the US market I wish them luck and I think that if you value quality furniture you should give them a try!
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